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Breaking the Mold

Throughout her life, Miranda has fought to overcome limitations and pursue her personal dreams and goals. At only six months old, Miranda Wolf was expected to never walk, talk, or sit up on her own. Despite the prognosis, Miranda’s family would not let her succumb to a disability. Miranda’s family always encouraged her to develop skills […]

Building Financial Freedom

Growing up, Jonathan helped his father doing jobs as an assistant on construction job sites–he enjoyed the wide range of work that was done at those sites. Since then, he has thought often about re-entering the construction industry and the about the financial stability that could come with it. Although for years, this seemed to be […]

Urban Wildlife 5k, August 2nd at 7am

My name is Nathan Bauer, a resident here in Richfield, and for the past six weeks I’ve been walking to develop good fitness habits to improve my overall health. I decided to join a big event on August 2nd — the Urban Wildland 5K in Richfield. I thought it was also a great way to […]

Sam…Making some of the best pizza in town

Sam is an extremely hard working guy. He’s worked at Tree Trust, Loaves and Fishes, and Bread and Pickle, and still wanted another job. So Sam and his Employment Consultant, Emily, applied at Carbone’s Pizzeria on Cedar Avenue. He was offered an interview and tour right away. The manager and staff loved him and offered […]

Mohamed smiles proudly at his new job

A Dream Realized Through Self-Advocacy

For the last three years, Mohamed has worked odd jobs on and off since graduating from transition school.  Anyone who has been through a similar experience can relate to how frustrating it can be to bounce from job to job with little security, or ability to obtain the amount of hours you are looking for. […]

‘Tis the Season for Self Advocacy

November has been a busy month here at CIP’s Employment Services, and there’s a lot to be hopeful about in regards to the state of employment. Not only have we reached our highest employment rate thus far for our program, (74%) but nationwide there has been an increase  in employment for those identifying as having […]

November Update: News, Pancakes and “A New Vision in Action”

We are pleased to present the first edition of our newly revamped newsletter that accompanies this blog. Please take a few minutes to peruse what we’ve been up to recently here at the Employment and Community Services branch of Community Involvement Programs. CIP Employment Services November Newsletter Speaking of things going on, we’re extremely excited for […]