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A Blooming Career

Nicole has always had a passion and curiousness surrounding flowers and floral design. It all stemmed from helping grandma in the garden when she was younger. As she grew her interest grew with her, soon enough she was old enough to start seeking information of how to make her passion a money making reality.   […]

Breaking the Mold

Throughout her life, Miranda has fought to overcome limitations and pursue her personal dreams and goals. At only six months old, Miranda Wolf was expected to never walk, talk, or sit up on her own. Despite the prognosis, Miranda’s family would not let her succumb to a disability. Miranda’s family always encouraged her to develop skills […]

IHOP, Skip and a Jump

Pam is a hard and dedicated worker. She has spent the last year working with her Employment Consultant, Emily, learning about job possibilities in her community. For the past five years, Pam worked at IHOP in Bloomington, but recently decided to leave that position and really focus on her process of exploring her skills and […]

Megan handing out flyers at the Mall of America

Discovering Inner Glamour

Megan embarked on a job search a year ago with her Employment Consultant, Emily. In the early stages of their work together, they had informational meetings all over, from wedding shops to modeling agencies, from nursing homes to daycare centers. During the initial phases of discovery, Emily had also learned that Megan loved America’s Next […]

Maggie greets pool visitors with a warm smile and friendly conversation

Summer Jobs Don’t Get Much Better Than This

Isn’t it great when everything just fits together perfectly? We think so, and that’s why we can’t wait to formally congratulate Maggie on landing her new job as a Pool Attendant at the Highland Park Aquatic Center. According to her Employment Consultant, Kelly Daniels, Maggie is extremely outgoing and a total people person. When they […]