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Ms. Kuehl – Keeping it Cool at Juut Salon

“Yeah I guess I have been here a long time,” Lindsey responded to her Employment Consultant, Michael, when she recently received her award for 5 years of employment at Juut Salon. If you have worked in customer service, you know that it is no small task. Walking into Juut, you will see that Lindsey makes […]

Making “The Works” Work

“I like to think of my colleagues as a second family,” is what Aaron Myers had to say about his job at The Works in Bloomington, MN. The Works is an interactive museum that makes learning about science and engineering interesting, understandable and fun. Using hands-on activities, real tools, and everyday materials, The Works teaches […]

Building Financial Freedom

Growing up, Jonathan helped his father doing jobs as an assistant on construction job sites–he enjoyed the wide range of work that was done at those sites. Since then, he has thought often about re-entering the construction industry and the about the financial stability that could come with it. Although for years, this seemed to be […]

Stocking Social Capital

Abdul has always been ready to work. He always has a smile on his face and is ready to take on any challenge. After high school, he worked a few short seasonal positions in the Twin Cities, but couldn’t find full time employment. Since joining Community Involvement Programs, he’s had several part-time positions,  but had […]

DrybagSteak: Enhancing More Than Meat

It takes a lot to start up a business and no one knows that better than co-owner Thea Loptka of DrybagSteak. In May of 2010, when it first began, they had only one employee and that was Barb. Barb worked efficiently and accurately with the support of Joe, Community Involvement’s Community Support Specialist, until she […]

The WeCo Collaborative: Accessibility for the Digital Age

Many people think about Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance in terms of handrails, curb cuts, ramps and parking spaces, but when it comes to computer technology, meeting existing ADA standards is not as clear cut. As computer use by individuals with disabilities continues to rise, WeCo, a St. Paul- based user-experience testing firm, is […]