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A Blooming Career

Nicole has always had a passion and curiousness surrounding flowers and floral design. It all stemmed from helping grandma in the garden when she was younger. As she grew her interest grew with her, soon enough she was old enough to start seeking information of how to make her passion a money making reality.   […]

Ms. Kuehl – Keeping it Cool at Juut Salon

“Yeah I guess I have been here a long time,” Lindsey responded to her Employment Consultant, Michael, when she recently received her award for 5 years of employment at Juut Salon. If you have worked in customer service, you know that it is no small task. Walking into Juut, you will see that Lindsey makes […]

Breaking the Mold

Throughout her life, Miranda has fought to overcome limitations and pursue her personal dreams and goals. At only six months old, Miranda Wolf was expected to never walk, talk, or sit up on her own. Despite the prognosis, Miranda’s family would not let her succumb to a disability. Miranda’s family always encouraged her to develop skills […]

Richfield’s Newest Customer Service Star

Lunds in Richfield prides itself on its employees. Their website states, “Our employees are chosen for their expertise and dedicated to giving customers the best shopping experience possible.” Luckily for Richfield residents, they have the privilege of being served by Lunds’ newest Courtesy Clerk, Laura B.   When Laura started working at the Richfield Lunds in […]

Approaches to Finding Person-Centered Employment

Whether a person chooses to work full-time or part-time, Community Involvement Programs supports them as they engage in satisfying and rewarding employment in their communities. We have assisted many people in securing meaningful jobs and developing career opportunities using discovery-based techniques and an individual career planning process. Our approach puts the job-seeker at the forefront […]

At Work It's What People Can Do that Matters

Current CIP Employment Updates

Community Involvement Programs has some cool employment-related updates! Historically, the rate of people with disabilities working in fair-waged, community-based jobs has hovered around 20% for the state of Minnesota and nationally, as well. In addition, many people with disabilities are still employed in positions that pay less than minimum wage and offer just a few hours […]

Jay Sprucing Up One of Many Collectibles at Hot Comics

Comics, Collectibles, and Community Commitment

Meet Jay, a Richfield resident who works at Hot Comics and Collectibles, the self-proclaimed “Best comic book shop in all of Minnesota!” Hot Comics has two locations in the Twin Cities (New Hope & Richfield), with Jay working at the Richfield store for over a year and a half. He spends most of his time sprucing up classic toys and games, as well […]