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A Blooming Career

Nicole has always had a passion and curiousness surrounding flowers and floral design. It all stemmed from helping grandma in the garden when she was younger. As she grew her interest grew with her, soon enough she was old enough to start seeking information of how to make her passion a money making reality.   […]

Ms. Kuehl – Keeping it Cool at Juut Salon

“Yeah I guess I have been here a long time,” Lindsey responded to her Employment Consultant, Michael, when she recently received her award for 5 years of employment at Juut Salon. If you have worked in customer service, you know that it is no small task. Walking into Juut, you will see that Lindsey makes […]

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Transportation Options for Getting to Work

Waiting…Waiting…Waiting. It’s cold. It’s raining. It’s hot. Using alternative modes of transportation is challenging by itself and, for many reason, may be even more difficult for some people living with disabilities. However, there are several transportation options that people use every day to get to and from work if they don’t have access or opportunity to drive […]

Independent…at Last!

Going to college, getting a job and moving out on your own are rites of passage for most young adults. Unfortunately, for many people with disabilities it seems like these opportunities are unattainable.  According to Forbes Magazine, the average rent  in Minneapolis is $965, making it the second worst city for rental property in the nation.  It’s no […]

Telecommuting Creates Innovative Work Solutions

In the comfort of his own home, Sam sits at his desk typing away at his computer. He’s not surfing the web or checking Facebook. He’s at work. For some people, working from home or telecommuting, is an ideal situation. As the number of people working remotely continues to increase, employees like Sam are realizing the […]

Disability Takes Center Stage at this Year’s Minnesota Fringe Festival

The Minnesota Fringe Festival is already pretty incredible, but this year they are elevating the eleven day (August 2nd-12th) performing arts festival to a whole new level by making it one of the most accessible and disability-friendly event possible! Not only are they providing audio descriptions of  each show taking place, but they are also […]