Our Work

Employment Services

With our employment-first goal, we try to nourish and foster meaningful job and career opportunities. Our approach puts the job-seeker at the forefront of the job-finding process. Using the Discovering Personal Genius™ philosophy developed by Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC, coupled with a more traditional, individualized career planning technique, we strive to find employment opportunities that are as creative and engaging as the people we support. For more about our employment values please click on the link to the PDF for Why We Do What We Do

Discovering Personal Genius™

Discovering Personal Genius™ (DPG) is a method of person-centered assessment utilized to create lasting, satisfying, person-directed employment beyond the confines of traditional job development. DPG™ begins with in-depth listening sessions with the individual and others who know the individual, as well as observations of the individual in a variety of environments in an effort to verify skills. From this information, our Employment Consultants determine ideal conditions of employment and at least three Vocational Themes™ for each individual, focusing on strengths, skills, supports, and contributions. The three Vocational Themes™ are used to develop lists of at least twenty potential businesses that have a connection or relationship to those themes. The goal of this process is to facilitate connections between the individuals they are working with and business owners/operators and will eventually link to customized job development.

Career Planning

The Individual Career Planning process is a more traditional approach that consists of collecting and analyzing information from the individual, family members, residential providers, friends, former teachers, co-workers and others who know the person well. The information is then compiled to create a Profile for the individual which provides us with the foundation to begin the job development process.

Career planning may also include traditional approaches such as building a resume, writing letters of introduction, strengthening interview skills, and learning about work-related behaviors that help employees to be successful once they are working.

Community Engagement Services

Community Involvement Programs is committed to connecting the individuals we support with people in their communities in the most natural settings possible. For people who are currently seeking employment or choose to work part-time, we use a strength-based approach to facilitate each person’s involvement in his or her community. Business tours, volunteerism and educational experiences are a few of the opportunities that allow people to be active participants in and contributors to the regular flow of community life. To learn more about the way we get involved with the community, please take a look at our  Get Involved page. Here you will find examples of the dynamic activities we engage in and the diverse volunteer opportunities we lend a hand to.

For additional information please contact:

Supported Employment Services – Andraya Reichel, Program Manager of Supported Employment Services (SES)

P: (612) 353-4595 ext. 106 or E: areichel@cipmn.org

Community Engagement Services –  Shauna Cropsey, Program Manager of Community Engagement Services (CES)

P: (612) 353-4595 ext. 107 or E: scropsey@cipmn.org


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