Our Mission

We are the Employment and Community Support branch of Community Involvement Programs. Since 1971, CIP has been helping individuals with disabilities connect with and find opportunites within their communities. At CIP’s Employment and Community Supports program, we provide assistance to individuals with significant disabilities in finding and maintaining employment at businesses in their communities. We work in many different settings –as varied as the people we support. Whether an individual chooses to work full-time, part-time or not at all, Community Involvement Programs supports people as they engage in personally satisfying and rewarding activities that promote their participation in and contribution to their communities.

Community Involvement Programs takes pride in our commitment to an Employment First philosophy: we believe that employment should be the first and preferred option for working-aged adults who have disabilities, just as it is for other adults in our society. We work hard to reinforce the expectation that adults with disabilities can and should be contributing members of their communities, and employment is one of the best ways to accomplish this mission.

We provide innovative, employment-focused supports to assist adults with a wide range of disabilities to find and maintain regular employment, at regular businesses, and at fair wages. We have expertise in providing flexible, individualized employment supports–from start to finish–to people with developmental disabilities, mental health disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, physical disabilities, and sensory impairments. Our goal is to develop customized jobs in the community that capitalize on each individual’s interest, abilities, and personal outcomes. Please take a look our our resources section to learn more about the employment services we provide


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