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Kenneth Moore is Makin’ It

Kenneth Moore has faced a great deal of adversity in his life, and still does to this day living with an array of physical and psychological challenges. Despite the challenges he has faced, Kenneth has become a proud husband and father to his newly born son Blake. On top of these accomplishments he is also […]

More Than Just a Meal

Food is both a biological necessity and a social centerpiece; it holds a special kind of power that can create agency and joyful engagement. Twice a week, a group from Community Involvement Programs  has the wonderful opportunity to spend the day cooking. Here’s a look into what we do! First, we work together to choose […]

Simply Jane

Simply Jane Studio & ArtAble is a garden themed paint studio where everything exudes creativity. You’ll find inspiration everywhere you look, from the tables and chairs to the ceiling fans and floors, which includes countless masterpieces by studio artists as well as the public. Even the least creative, grumpiest of people would be sure to […]

Community Gardening-Building Social Capital by Volunteering in Our Community

Many people can agree that it’s nice to take advantage of the summer in Minnesota by working outside. This summer, we started beautifying our community through landscaping and gardening projects. There were several teams of volunteers from CIP that worked on various gardening projects during the week. The teams collaborated with a local nonprofit organization, Metro Blooms, which has worked with the […]

Urban Wildlife 5k, August 2nd at 7am

My name is Nathan Bauer, a resident here in Richfield, and for the past six weeks I’ve been walking to develop good fitness habits to improve my overall health. I decided to join a big event on August 2nd — the Urban Wildland 5K in Richfield. I thought it was also a great way to […]

Mission to End the Book Famine in Africa

Books for Africa is a non-profit organization based in St. Paul MN. Their mission, “To end the book famine in Africa,” inspires schools, libraries, churches and publishers to donate books toward that mission. Active in over 49 countries, Books for Africa (BFA) supplements local literacy initiatives with a concrete and always welcome resource. On May […]

The 5% Campaign

On Tuesday, November 12th at 11:00am you will find many of the CIP staff members rallying at the Capitol to support The 5% Campaign. The 5% Campaign, hosted by ARRM, is a state-wide campaign for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) to get a 5% rate increase in 2014. HCBS workers, including CIP staff, have […]