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Full Inclusion within the workplace: Short stories!

This article is a compilation of Individuals being fully included within their workplace! **After six months of full-time employment, Henry left Voc. Rehab Services and continued working full time at King Controls with bi-weekly supports from his Employment Consultant. After 2 years working full time at King Controls, Henry had an important decision to make about benefits. Henry […]

Ari Ne'eman expresses his views: Autism is not a tragedy. Ignorance is.

We Can Do Better…

An editorial by Jolene Thibedeau Boyd, Director of Employment & Community Supports Fair warning: If you care about the debate currently brewing related to sheltered workshops (aka center-based work floors, work centers, etc.), this blog contains my opinions, which may be considered troubling (or possibly controversial) by some. However, there is no need to let that […]

You can't improve what you don't measure

Celebrating 2014: Year-End Employment Statistics

One of the things we have learned since making a shift toward individualized and customized employment–that is, real jobs at real businesses for real wages–is that what gets measured gets done. Hardly earth-shattering news for anyone who has set goals or read one of the many management books out there! Yet many of us in […]