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Spotlight: Almsted’s Fresh Market

“Who sings that?” “Who cleaned that?” “Who vacuums?” are all questions that you may hear from Taylor wherever you go. Taylor is someone who can light up the room with his singing, curiosity, and smile. He came into CIP services in early January of 2018 and just like you and me; is someone who has […]

Full Inclusion within the workplace: Short stories!

This article is a compilation of Individuals being fully included within their workplace! **After six months of full-time employment, Henry left Voc. Rehab Services and continued working full time at King Controls with bi-weekly supports from his Employment Consultant. After 2 years working full time at King Controls, Henry had an important decision to make about benefits. Henry […]

Self Advocacy – A Day in the Life

What do a push, joined hands, and a belly rub have in common? They each represent a different form of power — power over, power with, and power within. For our latest session of Advocating Change Together’s Self-Advocacy course, Kayla, Megan, and I sat in a circle at the Augsburg Library and talked about power. […]

Ari Ne'eman expresses his views: Autism is not a tragedy. Ignorance is.

We Can Do Better…

An editorial by Jolene Thibedeau Boyd, Director of Employment & Community Supports Fair warning: If you care about the debate currently brewing related to sheltered workshops (aka center-based work floors, work centers, etc.), this blog contains my opinions, which may be considered troubling (or possibly controversial) by some. However, there is no need to let that […]

MOFAS Renews Grant Funds for Community Involvement Programs in 2015

Community Involvement Programs will be able to continue its employment supports for young adults with a suspected or diagnosed Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in 2015. The Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS) provided an additional year of funding for Community Involvement Programs to provide supports for the “Increasing Access to Employment” grant. In […]

We Must Always Remember…

An editorial by Jolene Thibedeau Boyd, Director of Employment & Community Supports “Some people describe social justice as “what love looks like in public.” Social Justice means working to create a world where we all can be our whole selves. It is working to create a world where everyone is respected and treated fairly. People […]