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Simply Jane

Simply Jane Studio & ArtAble is a garden themed paint studio where everything exudes creativity. You’ll find inspiration everywhere you look, from the tables and chairs to the ceiling fans and floors, which includes countless masterpieces by studio artists as well as the public. Even the least creative, grumpiest of people would be sure to […]

Building Financial Freedom

Growing up, Jonathan helped his father doing jobs as an assistant on construction job sites–he enjoyed the wide range of work that was done at those sites. Since then, he has thought often about re-entering the construction industry and the about the financial stability that could come with it. Although for years, this seemed to be […]

Jay Sprucing Up One of Many Collectibles at Hot Comics

Comics, Collectibles, and Community Commitment

Meet Jay, a Richfield resident who works at Hot Comics and Collectibles, the self-proclaimed “Best comic book shop in all of Minnesota!” Hot Comics has two locations in the Twin Cities (New Hope & Richfield), with Jay working at the Richfield store for over a year and a half. He spends most of his time sprucing up classic toys and games, as well […]

DrybagSteak: Enhancing More Than Meat

It takes a lot to start up a business and no one knows that better than co-owner Thea Loptka of DrybagSteak. In May of 2010, when it first began, they had only one employee and that was Barb. Barb worked efficiently and accurately with the support of Joe, Community Involvement’s Community Support Specialist, until she […]

Sam…Making some of the best pizza in town

Sam is an extremely hard working guy. He’s worked at Tree Trust, Loaves and Fishes, and Bread and Pickle, and still wanted another job. So Sam and his Employment Consultant, Emily, applied at Carbone’s Pizzeria on Cedar Avenue. He was offered an interview and tour right away. The manager and staff loved him and offered […]

Telecommuting Creates Innovative Work Solutions

In the comfort of his own home, Sam sits at his desk typing away at his computer. He’s not surfing the web or checking Facebook. He’s at work. For some people, working from home or telecommuting, is an ideal situation. As the number of people working remotely continues to increase, employees like Sam are realizing the […]

City of Richfield logo

Community Partnerships Create Employment Opportunities in Richfield

During a time when funding for many nonprofit organizations appears to be shrinking, it is encouraging to know that many organizations have joined together to fill some of the gaps.  The Rotary Club of Richfield has been a long-time supporter of various organizations geared toward improving communities. For years, this civic-minded organization, embracing the motto “Peace […]