Santa Experience

image1If you’ve ever met Nathan before, you know that he is a born entertainer. Whether he is singing in a choir, teaching cheerleading or dance lessons, or fiercely guarding the goal at Poly Hockey, Nathan loves to make connections and meet people.


In December of 2017, Nathan saw a large Christmas setup at the Mall of America andimage2 knew that he had to be a part of it. He submitted his resume to The Santa Experience, spoke with the owner and followed up, but unfortunately, it was too late in the season, so his search for employment continued. Then, in late October of 2018, Nathan took the initiative to contact Santa Experience again, to see when they would be open. Lo and behold, five days later, Nathan interviewed with owners Landon and Rachael, and was hired on the spot!


image4Through November and December, Nathan worked as an Elf at The Santa Experience, keeping all of the guests in line entertained, helping them check in for their visit with Santa, and making sure that the line stays orderly and tidy. With his giving and enthusiastic nature, Nathan fit right in and quickly became a valuable member of the team. He began receiving customer compliments on his first day! As Nathan’s coworker, Mistletoe the Elf told us, “Nathan is awesome and is full of spirit and cheer. He embodies what Christmas is.”


As the season continued, Nathan became more and more comfortable with his position and increased his hours and his responsibilities. Although this is a shorter position, Nathan is looking forward to returning next year, and to the staff holiday party in January! And, although he loves everything about his position, Nathan was especially proud to be able to bring his cat, Bootsie, into pet night for pictures with Santa. With her fashionable pink leash, Nathan and Bootsie sat with Santa for photos that will bring fond memories for years to come.image3


Nathan’s lifelong inclination towards showmanship, as well as his history working with kids, teaching, and hosting events, have all proved invaluable to his success in his position. We know that with his experience, passion, and tenacity, Nathan will continue to find work that he loves, and where he can make a positive difference in the lives of others.










Author and photo credits: Catie Boardman, Employment Consultant


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