Spotlight: Almsted’s Fresh Market

unnamed (1)“Who sings that?” “Who cleaned that?” “Who vacuums?” are all questions that you may hear from Taylor wherever you go. Taylor is someone who can light up the room with his singing, curiosity, and smile. He came into CIP services in early January of 2018 and just like you and me; is someone who has the goal of finding competitive employment that reflects both his skills and interests. Taylor searched weekly for businesses and natural supports to be the right fit. After visiting many businesses and connecting with countless managers; Taylor found his job.


If you have ever been to the small town of Crystal you may be familiar with the local grocery store, Almsted’s. This is a small, family-owned business that values the idea that everyone can work, along with the same values as the MN Employment First Policy. Taylor and his Employment Consultant reached out to Roger to see if his store would have any sort of cleaning opportunities. Roger quickly responded and asked for Taylor to come in for an informational interview. Taylor created a video resume with his Employment Consultant to showcase his skills and personality. Interviewing in person can be a challenge for Taylor and this was how Taylor was able to showcase his skills and abilities. Taylor won Roger over with his passion for cleaning and positive energy.


His Employment Consultant asked for Taylor to attend a shadow shift to see if the cleaning opportunity would be a good fit and after doing so, unfortunately, it was decided this position was above Taylor’s skills set. Taylor did not give up. He and his Employment Consultant continued to stay in contact with Roger to see if there would be any restructuring of the initial job description to better suit Taylor’s skills and needs.


Roger called Taylor’s Employment Consultant with a deal. He needed someone to help unnamedvacuum the grocery store and thought what better person than Taylor. Roger said he never really realized the lack of vacuuming was an issue until he met Taylor. It is important to note that during Taylor’s interview Roger asked Taylor what he likes to do in his free time and Taylor replied, “vacuum”.


When Roger offered the position to Taylor some of the things he told his Employment Consultant was, “Everyone deserves a chance. Taylor has something special that needs to be shown.” It truly was meant to be. Taylor now works two days a week averaging about 5 hours where he vacuums the entire grocery store. This position was created for Taylor based off of his skills, positive attitude, and the needs of the grocery store.


Even though Taylor is employed there is still more that can be done. To help Taylor become even more independent at work his Employment Consultant has applied for the ARC Microgrant through the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership asking for funds to purchase a cordless vacuum. An area that Taylor is needing a lot of support with is managing the extension cord used with the vacuum. If Taylor were to have a cordless vacuum he would be able to work more independently and efficiently. Taylor is someone we can all learn from. With persistence, dedication, and passion everyone can find their fit because everyone deserves a chance to work.   


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