Helping People and Feeling Good

IMG_2579Here at CIP, volunteering is a big part of what we do. One of the places we volunteer is Second Harvest in Brooklyn Park. I, alongside four to five individuals we support and a Community Support Specialist, will volunteer at Second Harvest every Tuesday. Here, we do a variety of things including boxing canned goods and sorting apples to determine which are edible.

For me, volunteering has always meant something special. I enjoy helping people. Although I do not see the immediate effects of my work, I still know that it will go a long way in helping feed individuals and families that are in need. I have volunteered at many different places, but I believe Second Harvest is my favorite place to volunteer. The atmosphere is always positive and the employees are very welcoming and super friendly. The activities vary week-to-week so you are never doing the same assignment or task. IMG_2577



The individuals supported by CIP enjoy it at Second Harvest. It provides a different type of experience that they may not be used to. At Second Harvest teamwork is key in order to get the job done, and it is very clear that they enjoy the teamwork building aspect. Second Harvest has built an environment where everyone feels welcome and that they can be themselves.



Author and photo credits: Parker Frey, Employment and Community Engagement Intern


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