Full Inclusion within the workplace: Short stories!

This article is a compilation of Individuals being fully included within their workplace!

**After six months of full-time employment, Henry left Voc. Rehab Services and continued working full time at King Controls with bi-weekly supports from his Employment Consultant. After 2 years working full time at King Controls, Henry had an important decision to make about benefits. Henry turned 26 years old and was able to enroll in King Control Employee Benefits Package. In the coming months, Henry will be looking into housing options in order to move out on his own and continue his success as a great contributing member of his community. Step by step, Henry has been able to work to live his greatest life.

**Kie interviewed for a position with Ruby Tuesday back in May and was immediately offered a job following the interview. While Kie is and always has been a devoted employee at all of his previous jobs, it has been a struggle finding natural supports who can communicate using American Sign Language. The management team has already mentioned they would explore ASL training for their employees.  Kudo’s to Ruby Tuesday for their commitment to inclusivity and to their willingness to go above and beyond to welcome members of all communities into their family.

**Individual supported has only been working a few short months at Crayola Experience but has already found their niche and voice. Independently, they took some of her bright ideas to their supervisor and then presented the ideas to corporate. There were ideas of partnerships with local hospitals, bringing smiles to sick kids and new craft stations that would bring repeat business back to Crayola Experience.

**Mary Jo creates her own cards for any occasion and has been trying to sell them throughout her networks. Mary Jo volunteers on her own, a few days a week at the Brain Injury Alliance and once her supervisor heard she was selling her cards they requested to get a copy of her flyer to pin up on the wall at their office to support Mary Jo’s passion and creativity.


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