Leading by Example

IMG951383Ryan Foster’s smile is the first thing anyone would notice about him. Ryan is a thoughtful, friendly and funny person. For him, his family and work are two important part of his life.

Ryan is athletic and also likes being outdoors, he likes to hunt, fish and also like camping. Like a true Minnesotan, Ryan loves the cold weather and activities like ice fishing and ice hockey.  

Before coming to CIP services, Ryan went to Kennedy High School. Ryan has only worked with few employers but each employer has acknowledged his excellent work ethic and his leadership skills.


Ryan previously worked at Dairy Queen for five years before moving to the theatre at Mall of America. The management at the Mall of America valued his strong work ethic and customer service skills. When the management of Mall of America made the decision to close the theatre, they offered Ryan numerous positions to choose from. He chose to work at Nickelodeon Universe as a Ride Operator.IMG951354


As a ride operator, Ryan is responsible for: scanning tickets, checking rider’s heights and seat belts while operating the ride. Ryan leads by example, always practicing the “Safety First” approach. Ryan is a great leader, he is always ready to help out if the management needs help with schedules.He is praised by his co-workers and managers for his attention to detail and positive attitude. He is always organized, punctual and has great time- management skills. Ryan also frequently picks up shifts at work, because he believes in being a team player.  


Ryan recently got to experience the Mall of America in a whole new way! The Super Bowl brought extra hours, behind the scenes action, some celebrity faces and even a bonus! Ryan was thrilled to be in the middle of the excitement!




Ryan’s long-term professional goal is to work at Nickelodeon Universe as a Team Lead. With his fantastic work ethic and a little support from CIP, we are eager to see where his future will take him!



Author and photo credits: Meg Lee, Assistant Program Manager


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