I’m Ready For My Close-up

Attach1370_20171229_102901Charles Wilkerson is a humorous, energetic, compassionate and driven gentleman, to name just a few of the characteristics that make up who he is.

Charles has a strong work history in customer service, which is no surprise, given the fact that he is kind and genuine in all he does.   Charles has a varying background in his work/volunteer experience as a little league football coach, a referee assistant, front end associate at Domino’s Pizza and an incoming donations receiver at Goodwill Easter Seals.  It is evident upon meeting Charles, that he is charismatic and devoted to everything he sets his mind to.

Charles started working with CIP Supported Employment Services in July of last year.  From his first meeting with his Employment Consultant, Charles demonstrated his drive and passion to start working.  Charles worked side-by-side with his Employment Consultant throughout the job seeking process, often identifying opportunities and applying for them outside time spent with his Employment Consultant.

In September, just a couple short months after starting his job seeking with CIP Supported Employment, Charles interviewed at a local theater and was offered a job.  Charles was eager to get started as soon as he received his job offer.Attach1268_20171218_084200

Given Charles’ affinity for movies and love of being around people, this job is a perfect fit.  Charles says that he feels he is making a positive contribution to his community by interacting with his customers in a friendly and efficient manner.  He enjoys engaging in conversations about customer’s movie knowledge and providing a positive experience for each person that comes to his counter.

In the time that Charles has been working at the theater, he has received rave reviews from his manager and co-workers regarding his job performance, positive attitude, and commitment to providing each customer with the best experience possible.  Charles started as a greeter and ticket taker and rapidly moved up to working the box office.  Charles has indeed become an asset to his workplace and looks forward to growing within the organization.   Charles would like to take on additional responsibilities at work so that he can be as well rounded an employee as possible and jump in when and wherever he might be needed.




Charles’ long-term goal is to be promoted within the theater he works at.  Eventually, Charles would like to move out of his apartment and buy a house for himself and his two cats.

We see a great future for Charles and have every faith that his dreams will indeed become his future reality!


Author and Photo credits: Eric Spencer, Employment Consultant


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