A Blooming Career

Nicole has always had a passion and curiousness surrounding flowers and floral design. It all stemmed from helping grandma in the garden when she was younger. As she grew her interest grew with her, soon enough she was old enough to start seeking information of how to make her passion a money making reality.


A few years ago she inquired at a local flower shop with her mom, Kim, how to get into floral design and was told to go and take classes at a local wholesale flower store- Koehler & Dramm. Once she had, she was then told to come back and they would talk. That’s exactly what Nicole did. Four years later and Nicole is gainfully employed at a prestigious flower shop in St. Louis Park, Indulge & Bloom, and is learning, thriving, and doing exactly what she loves to do, “create beautiful floral arrangements” for the people that ask for them.


To get to where Nicole finally is wasn’t easy, even with the help of her supportive and encouraging family. Anyone who knows Nicole would comment on her ambition and her perseverance, never giving up and always wanting to work more and more. The past couple of years Nicole has been taking arrangement courses to gain certifications and help her find a job within the industry. In the meantime, Nicole started her own personal business, Nikki’s Hibiscus, that she used to provide floral freelance services for friends and families churches, funerals, and weddings. She has a wide variety of freelance experience and everyone who Nicole creates arrangements for are in awe of their beauty.


Even though Nicole had experience, and the portfolio to prove it, gaining employment in a actual flower shop as a newcomer was nothing shy of difficult. The industry is a hard one to crack into, a mystery to many of us. Despite going from flower shop to flower shop, Nicole never gave up. Eventually, the family discussion of pursuing Nikki’s Hibiscus came to fruition and the plans bloomed. However, in the midst of creating marketing plans, marketing materials, and a business strategy to blow Nikki’s Hibiscus out of the water and start gaining customers, Nicole landed at a job at Indulge & Bloom doing exactly what she loves- Designing Floral arrangements under a Floral Designer title. Even though Nicole didn’t have other skills necessary of a Floral Designer job description, the owner recognized her raw talent and wanted her to have an opportunity that she previously wasn’t given. Since her offer acceptance, Nicole has received praise upon praise for the joy and brightness she brings to the shop. She is hardworking, holding another part time job on the side, sometimes working 7 days a week, and still has the drive and desire to learn those necessary skills of how to run her own Floral business – her future dream. For now Nicole is grateful and is doing everything she can to take advantage of her situation and the opportunity that she was given to grow and be a part of a flowering family.


Her future plans are still in the works, Nikki’s Hibiscus will launch with an awesome vision of eventually providing an establishment for training other individuals with special abilities how to get creative when searching for jobs and learn marketable skills with hands on experience. Until then, you can find Nicole working 3 days a week at Indulge & Bloom, learning the ins and outs of the business, from processing computer orders and writing floral recipes to building works of art and spreading smiles and joy with each arrangement she sends out the door. Nicole is a great example for all of us.

Author and photo credits: Courtney Naab, Employment Consultant


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