Ms. Kuehl – Keeping it Cool at Juut Salon

“Yeah I guess I have been here a long time,” Lindsey responded to her Employment Consultant, Michael, when she recently received her award for 5 years of employment at Juut Salon. If you have worked in customer service, you know that it is no small task. Walking into Juut, you will see that Lindsey makes her job look easy! Michael describes Lindsey’s employment at Juut as effortless, she is a natural. Lindsey is well known around the salon, as her duties keep her mobile. Lindsey’s passion for her work, her ability to multi-task, stay focused and her excellent customer service are essential to the success of the stylists around her and Juut Salon itself.  Ms. Kuehl is always willing to lend a helping hand or ear to listen.



To sum up Lindsey’s duties in one sentence, would be: Lindsey is responsible for making Juut run smoothly and maintain a high standard of cleanliness. Lindsey starts with the laundry. These are no typical laundry loads. We are talking industrial sized tasks! She is responsible for organizing and separating the hair towels, face towels, and aprons. She then must take them out of the store and to the drop off spot. When the first round of laundry is finished, Lindsey makes her way around the salon to maintain the drink stations. Here she makes sure that the glasses are clean, the drinks are stocked, and clears the dirty dishes. Lindsey is responsible for folding and sorting all clean laundry to ensure the stylists are fully stocked. During down time, she also makes her way around the salon collecting the garbage and keeping the restrooms clean and tidy for all customers and staff. Lindsey loves to greet and converse with guests of Juut Salon to ensure their time there is pleasant and enjoyable.
Lindsey’s manager, Andrea,  is consistently impressed with the hard work that Lindsey puts in. They truly could not do it without her! Andrea highlights her quality of work and work ethic. Lindsey is hardworking, efficient, and detail oriented. Most importantly, her duty is being a “daymaker.” Lindsey brings joy to everyone around her.


Author and photo credits: Meg Lee, Assistant Program Manager and Michael Golling, Employment Consultant


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