Making “The Works” Work

aaron-blog-9-16“I like to think of my colleagues as a second family,” is what Aaron Myers had to say about his job at The Works in Bloomington, MN. The Works is an interactive museum that makes learning about science and engineering interesting, understandable and fun. Using hands-on activities, real tools, and everyday materials, The Works teaches everyone “how things work”.



Aaron is part of the Visitor Experience Staff at The Works where he greets and admits customers into the museum on a daily basis. On top of providing customers with the highest quality of excellent customer service, Aaron plays an integral role in the daily operations of The Works. Every day, Aaron is in charge of the opening duties to keep the museum running smoothly, including, turning on all exhibits, maintaining the museum restrooms, and keeping the museum tidy. When Aaron is not interacting with customers, he has elected to take on smaller projects to help his colleagues with their workload and assisting during camp programs. Always eager to help, Aaron is an excellent team player.aaron-blog-2-9-16




Throughout his time at The Works, Aaron has made an impact on many of the guests that frequent the Museum with almost a year’s service under his belt.  Recently, Aaron’s supervisor received an email from a frequent visitor. The guest’s email  stated that Aaron is always courteous, friendly and is always a joy when they visit. She also stated that she wanted to make sure that the museum did everything that they could in order to keep him as “The Face” of The Works.

So, if you are ever in the neighborhood of Lyndale and 98th in Bloomington, stop by, check out the museum, view some great exhibits, and talk with “The Face of The Works”, Aaron Myers.the-works



Author and photo credits: Erik Larson, employment Consultant


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