Celebrating Three Years of Making Pets Happy


Since 2012, Hannah Phelps has worked at Chuck and Don’s – a Minneapolis-based pet food outlet store with locations only in Minnesota and in Colorado. Three years ago, Hannah’s employment journey began at Chuck and Don’s through a family connection and supportive management team. David, the Calhoun location store manager says, “Hannah is an important part of our team. She’s dependable, hard working, and a joy to work with.”  With three years under her belt, she even surpasses David’s tenure within Chuck and Don’s!



Hannah stocking merchandise at Chuck & Don’s

Hannah currently has many different, but necessary responsibilities in her position at the store. She stocks food and other products while ensuring they are up to code and not expired, cleans and maintains the displays as well as greets customers and their pets. Hannah especially enjoys recommending products to her customers as Hannah herself is a pet owner and lover.


Hannah not only loves recommending her favorite products to pet owners, but she also cares for the cats located in the store that are up for adoption.  Hannah provides the daily meals, freshens their water bowls and cleans the litter boxes; her favorite part, of course, is playing the cats (when they’re not sleeping).  When asked about her job duties Hannah remarked  “I love my coworkers and my boss, David.  I like talking to customers and meeting their pets in the store.”

Hannah with Store Manager David and Ace

Hannah with Store Manager David and Ace



Congratulations to Hannah on her three year work anniversary! Be sure to bring your furry friend by the next time you’re in the Calhoun Square neighborhood!





Author and photo credits: Melissa Rosewall, Program Manager, John Kruse, Employment Consultant, Raena Davison, Community Support Specialist


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