Parkway Pizza’s Prepping Professional

Just by his name alone, you know that Rambo has a big personality. He is an outgoing young man with a passion for people. He is always asking everyone he meets about their history, what their story is, where they are from, the details of their family and especially, what people like to eat. Since starting at Community Involvement Programs in 2010, Rambo has been very outspoken about his desire to find a job where he could work with people, ask these questions and be independent. Although Rambo’s outgoing personality and friendly demeanor have landed him several customer-service based-jobs, he struggled to find a balance between friendship and professionalism with customers.


Rambo’s Employment Consultant felt that his people skills and passion for food could be utilized in a position where he wouldn’t need to negotiate the more-sensitive interactions with customers, but could still be outgoing and make jokes. What better place to have free reign with language than in a kitchen? After talking over the possibilities with Rambo, who hadn’t ever really considered cooking (although he said he definitely likes to eat!), he decided to interview at Parkway Pizza in South Minneapolis, where he was offered a job on the spot as a Prep Assistant. Since starting his position in November 2014, not only has he learned basic kitchen and cooking skills, he has gained better communication techniques and how to have positive and respectful interactions with others while still having fun. Rambo’s thoughts on his newly developed skills? “I love to cook now and I love working here!” (1)




Rambo currently preps meats and vegetables for pizzas and salads, portions cilantro cups, makes garlic butter for their delicious garlic bread and, of course chooses the best hip hop music for the kitchen crew. Please visit Parkway Pizza in South Minneapolis located at 4359 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406.


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