Richfield’s Newest Customer Service Star

LB 2-13

Laura, dedicated to serving customers at the Richfield Lunds

Lunds in Richfield prides itself on its employees. Their website states, “Our employees are chosen for their expertise and dedicated to giving customers the best shopping experience possible.” Luckily for Richfield residents, they have the privilege of being served by Lunds’ newest Courtesy Clerk, Laura B.

 lunds logo small

When Laura started working at the Richfield Lunds in early December, staff and customers were shocked to find out that this was her first “real job”, as Laura’s ability to talk with and approach customers seemed to come so naturally to her. Not surprising then that when asked about her favorite part of her job, Laura shared that she loves “interacting with customers and learning about the people that live and work in Richfield.” Her confidence clearly shows when she greets customers and visits with them as she ensures that their groceries are properly bagged. Although some might think that bagging groceries is not the most glamorous job, many of us recall that we, too, got our start in the workforce proving ourselves in jobs such as this. And now Laura finally has the opportunity to experience first-hand what so many of us have come to take for granted–getting her foot in the door at a local business and building the experience needed to take her to the next level!


DRESS FOR SUCCESS 2Laura didn’t always have the natural confidence that can be observed while she is working today: Although she had several interviews throughout her first year working with Community Involvement Programs, she hadn’t landed a job. “I was worried, since I knew that I was a hard worker and wanted to earn money.” With support from her Employment Consultant, Andraya Reichel, and a visit to Dress for Success a nonprofit organization located in St. Paul that donates interview and work clothing to women looking for employment, Laura’s confidence began to blossom and she was able to land her first paid position.
Laura is currently working 25-30 hours every week and has even picked up additional shifts to earn some extra money and assist her coworkers–not bad for her first real job EVER! Next steps for Laura? Learning how to take Metro Mobility to and from work to support her increasing independence. But Laura is up for the challenge…she knows that if she can make it in the working world, she can certainly learn to navigate her transportation options! Congratulations on becoming one of the Richfield Lunds’ dedicated customer service stars , Laura!


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