Celebrating 2014: Year-End Employment Statistics

One of the things we have learned since making a shift toward individualized and customized employment–that is, real jobs at real businesses for real wages–is that what gets measured gets done. Hardly earth-shattering news for anyone who has set goals or read one of the many management books out there! Yet many of us in the social service and nonprofit sectors resist dealing with numbers, the activity that some of us not-so-affectionately refer to as “doing math”…avoiding math is one of the reasons some of us went into this field in the first place, right? 😉

You can't improve what you don't measure

What gets measured gets done!

Like it or not, however, the only real way to know that we are making progress is to measure our performance and make some comparisons along the way. So we at Community Involvement Programs have learned to embrace this exercise, perhaps even to celebrate it! Because now that we are actually measuring the work we do, we can clearly see the upward trend toward our goal (lofty as it may be) of 100% employment for the people we support who have made work their goal! And now we share our progress with anyone and everyone who will listen: county case managers and state leaders, families and guardians of the people we support, our Board of Directors and, of course, the fantastic staff who together make these successes possible! And we’d also like to share our year-end stats with all of YOU:

  • Employment Rate: 75%
  • Average Hours Worked per Week: 20
  • Average Wage per Hour: $9.03
  • New Jobs Secured: 51

Plus, our rock star Employment Consultants also supported individuals to achieve the following:

  • Wages increases for 22 people
  • Increased hours for 6 people
  • Second jobs secured for 8 people

We hope you will celebrate with us as we begin 2015 with renewed energy and excitement for continued progress and improvement!


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