Simply Jane

web_headerSimply Jane Studio & ArtAble is a garden themed paint studio where everything exudes creativity. You’ll find inspiration everywhere you look, from the tables and chairs to the ceiling fans and floors, which includes countless masterpieces by studio artists as well as the public. Even the least creative, grumpiest of people would be sure to crack a smile in this environment and feel encouraged to try their hand at painting.

Once a week for several months, CIP has brought group of artists to Simply Jane paint studio. With artistic sensitivity, the incredibly welcoming staff aids in every stage of the painting process encouraging every artist to grow their own particular style. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for people to express themselves and flourish through this artistic outlet. The people we support are so proud of their work that even weeks after they’ve finished the piece, they’ll talk about their experience at the studio and show off their masterpieces.

Simply Jane offers a variety of designs to paint using professional paints and brushes. Through the partnership between CIP and Simply Jane, the people we support and CIP employees receive a 20% discount off all events hosted at the studio and the studio fee is waived. So grab a paint shirt and pick a canvas. True art comes from the heart, and CIP has been fortunate to share our hearts with Simply Jane.

Contributing author Courtney Ross. For more information on Simply Jane’s calendar of events please visit


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