Building Financial Freedom

heade3Growing up, Jonathan helped his father doing jobs as an assistant on construction job sites–he enjoyed the wide range of work that was done at those sites. Since then, he has thought often about re-entering the construction industry and the about the financial stability that could come with it. Although for years, this seemed to be a vision that felt unattainable to him, he was determined not to let that stop him!

Jonathan beginning his workday with Trillium Construction

Jonathan beginning his workday with Trillium Construction

Jonathan’s first goal was to secure a position in the construction industry. Shortly after joining Community Involvement Programs, Jonathan secured a position with Trillium Construction as a residential framer, with the support of his Employment Consultant, Pam. House framers perform a variety of tasks throughout the work week, anything from reading and following blueprints to cutting and preparing boards for windows and doors. Currently, Jonathan is learning the skills of his trade by framing the insides of residential homes, cutting 2×4 boards and assembling the framework.

Jonathan’s second goal, to support himself financially and discontinue his reliance on Social Security,  was the next challenge he had to overcome. According to, nationally the average residential framer can earn between $15-$30 per hour, with the average worker in Minnesota earning over $20 per hour. Of course, just like with virtually all other positions in the industry, new framers have to put in their time and work their way up to earning the average wage or higher. Jonathan is so determined to be financially secure that he also works over 40 hours a week most of the time…one of the surest ways to prove himself with his new employer and earn the recognition and pay increases that usually come along with hard work!

Jonathan discovered that determination and hard work really can pay off, little by little. He found a job that pays him a good wage, well above minimum wage, in fact. He is also working in an industry that he is passionate about and he is moving toward financial liberation. Jonathan loves his job and can’t imagine doing anything else at this point in his life!

Contributing author Pam Strom


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