Current CIP Employment Updates

Community Involvement Programs has some cool employment-related updates! Historically, the rate of people with disabilities working in fair-waged, community-based jobs has hovered around 20% for the state of Minnesota and nationally, as well. In addition, many people with disabilities are still employed in positions that pay less than minimum wage and offer just a few hours of work in a given week. Although there are still a number of people we support who are working at finding employment, we take pride in the fact that everyone we work with will at some point have the opportunity to work at a regular job, at a businesses in the community, and earn regular wages.

The following figures break down Community Involvement Program’s  employment statistics for the second quarter of 2014:At Work It's What People Can Do that Matters

  • Employment Rate: 74%
  • Average Hours Worked per Week: 18.3
  • Average Wage per Hour: $8.68
  • New Positions Developed: 13
  • Temporary or Seasonal Positions Secured: 3

In addition, nine people who were already working at part time jobs they enjoy started second jobs to increase the number of hours they work each week! We are very proud of the work that our employees and the people we support do every day. Without the commitment and dedication of our Community Support Specialists, Coordinators, Employment Consultants and managers, these achievements would not be possible. We are grateful to our employees for the impact they have on people’s lives, each and every day!


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