Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Transportation Options for Getting to Work

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Waiting…Waiting…Waiting. It’s cold. It’s raining. It’s hot. Using alternative modes of transportation is challenging by itself and, for many reason, may be even more difficult for some people living with disabilities. However, there are several transportation options that people use every day to get to and from work if they don’t have access or opportunity to drive themselves. Even though alternative transportation options may not be as “simple” as hopping in a personal vehicle and driving to work may seem, using these alternatives can be liberating for many people since it eliminates the need to pay for or rely on other people to get from point A to point B.

Some alternative transportation options in the Twin Cities metro area include: Walking, biking, taxi, bus, light rail and Metro Mobility. The light rail is a popular form of transportation, but it is most advantageous for people working downtown. Our Community Support Specialist (CSS), Brian, trains people to take the light rail. However, for a person with a disability it can be challenging because they need to have a way to GET to a light rail stop/station in order to use the light rail.

One common transportation option for some people with disabilities is Metro Mobility. “Why Metro Mobility?” people might ask. This is an option that qualified people may utilize when they are living far from other forms of public transportation.* It can be a convenient and reliable mode of transportation for some, although it is not without it’s challenges, especially with regard to scheduling. That said, Metro Mobility is equipped to assist people with a range of disabilities, thereby allowing  greater freedom to participate in the ebb and flow of their communities. And that’s one of the things that we at Community Involvement Programs are all about: Freedom to make the choices that affect our daily lives and to live life more independently.

* To find out whether or not you qualify for Metro Mobility services, please visit MetroTransit’s website or contact one of our Employment Consultants.


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