Taking Care of Dishes…Every Day

Jertez proudly washing dishes

Piles of dishes are brought into the dish washing area.  Plates, trays, and silverware, Jertez sprays them off before running them through the dishwasher.  Afterwards, they are dried and put away. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, and that’s a good thing, since it’s not uncommon for him to pound through dishes for four to five hours a day.  A dishwasher is a vital part of the restaurant industry. Some people would even go as far as saying it’s the most important part.

What’s so bad about being a dishwasher? Jertez would say, “Nothing.” He’s been a dishwasher at Byerly’s in St. Louis Park for three years and has out-lasted three managers within that time period. There are a number of things that are wonderful about being a dishwasher.  First of all, the day flies by because you are so busy. Second, there is job security: there will always be dishes to clean. Third, there is the satisfaction of seeing the dishes clean and put away.  Finally, you can leave the dishes behind at the end of a shift; you don’t have to think about work once the workday is done. This fast-paced position is extremely important because Jertez is responsible for all the dishes from the kitchen and catering departments at Byerly’s. He knows his work makes a big difference to both his co-workers and his customers, and he takes pride in his accomplishments every day.

Staying at a workplace for three years is a feat among itself, let alone enjoying what you do. Jertez is committed to being part of his work team. Fellow employees say, “Jertez is a great person to be around. He always has a smile on his face.” He is happy to go to a job that suits his skills and preferences, and he’s taking care of business…every day!

Special thanks to Josh Carney for contributing information for this article .  For further information on services available at Byerly’s please visit their website.


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