Sam…Making some of the best pizza in town

Sam H

Working at Carbone’s is always a party

Sam is an extremely hard working guy. He’s worked at Tree Trust, Loaves and Fishes, and Bread and Pickle, and still wanted another job. So Sam and his Employment Consultant, Emily, applied at Carbone’s Pizzeria on Cedar Avenue. He was offered an interview and tour right away. The manager and staff loved him and offered him a job on the spot as a Kitchen Assistant.

Sam has learned a lot quickly and continues to learn each shift he works. As a Kitchen Assistant, he washes dishes, performs prep work and is the runner to the cooler for the kitchen staff when it’s busy.  Since he works the closing shift, he mops the cooler and dish area, and breaks down the prep station. At the end of the night, he pumps up the staff.  He turns up the music, snaps his fingers and says to his coworkers, “Are you ready to ROCK?!” Then they power through until closing time.

Sam is eager to gain more responsibilities.  He’s already prepped and wrapped dough, but still wants to learn more.  Eventually he wants to learn the proper amounts to make the salads and the weights and amounts to bag for onion rings and french fries. With his amazing memory, he’s caught on to the duties extremely quickly, like the fact that glasses and silverware need to be run through the dishwasher twice, where all the dishes get put once they’re clean, and has the flow of the tasks for his shifts down pat!

Sam hopes to move up at Carbone’s, and with the effort that he has already shown it is definitely a possibility.  Maybe the next time you eat at Carbone’s it will be Sam making the pizza!


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