Restoring and preserving budgets and The 5% Campaign

State budget forecast is encouraging news for Home and Community-Based waiver recipients

State budget forecast is encouraging news for Home and Community-Based waiver recipients

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), the chairs of the Senate and House Budget Committees, announced they had come up with a tentative agreement to restore about $65 billion in automatic spending cuts. This compromise represents a step in the right direction. It is designed to restore order to the federal budget and appropriations process, and will allow for the preservation of programs that are essential for people with disabilities.  Recently, the House passed the Bipartisan Budget Act 332-94 and the Senate is expected to take it up this week. A functioning, effective federal government is critical to people with disabilities who disproportionately rely on government services to live, learn and work in their communities.

Show your support of The 5% Campaign!

Show your support of The 5% Campaign!

Many people with disabilities, their families, and disability provider organizations have been campaigning for a 5% rate increase for Home and Community-Based Services in Minnesota…and the State budget surplus forecast brings  us one step closer to achieving this goal! If you have haven’t heard about The 5% Campaign yet, here are 5 reasons show your support of this initiative and to ask your legislators and Gov. Mark Dayton to do so as well.

5 Reasons to Support The 5% Campaign

  1. Minnesotans believe people with disabilities and older adults should live in and contribute to their communities. Community-based services provide greater opportunity to build strong connections with neighbors and the community. A 5% rate increase supports this belief.
  2. Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and Caregivers support families with disabilities; shouldn’t they be able to support their own?
  3. A 5% increase will allow providers to afford wage increases, which can help to retain consistent staff; this is crucial to quality care. Low wages lead to higher staff turnover, creating more stress, less stability and lower quality care.
  4. DSPs and caregivers who support people with disabilities and older Minnesotans have demanding, highly-skilled jobs. A 5% rate increase shows we value these employees and their commitment to this field.
  5. Community-based services are some of the largest employers in rural Minnesota. A 5% rate increase will support necessary salary increases for dedicated staff that will put dollars to work in their local communities.

Now is a great time to make your voice heard!

Resource from the Consortium for Citizens With Disablities (CCD).  You may also visit their website for more information.

Information on The 5% Campaign adapted from


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