The 5% Campaign

Support us in the 5% Campaign

Support us in the 5% Campaign

On Tuesday, November 12th at 11:00am you will find many of the CIP staff members rallying at the Capitol to support The 5% Campaign. The 5% Campaign, hosted by ARRM, is a state-wide campaign for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) to get a 5% rate increase in 2014. HCBS workers, including CIP staff, have not received a cost of living increase in 5 years.

The lives that many people with disabilities and older adults build for themselves depend on state funding. These critical supports allow people to be more independent by providing staffing and transportation so that people can be active employees and volunteers in their communities, fostering skill development, ensuring health and safety, and more.For the last few days, CIP staff have been writing letters, making signs for the rally (see below) and spreading the word to family and friends. Want to help? Please sign the online petition HERE, join us at the Capitol on Tuesday the 12th, visit ARRM’s All in a day’s work blog or write to your legislators.




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