Who Says You Can’t Manage Lightning?

Close up of Tyler

Tyler in his work uniform

As summer winds down for Eastview High School (EVHS) students, Tyler is on the high school football field bringing back school spirit.  He is the ultimate team manager because he knows the game, the coaches and what it takes to be a great motivator.  As a student at Eastview High School, Tyler participated in sporting events in a variety of ways. According to Athletic Director, Matt Percival, “He was at every football and hockey game leading cheers, volunteering as team manager and making people laugh. People would gravitate toward him; he’s got total spirit.” And in 2009, Tyler was awarded the Student of the Year for his work with the sports teams.  His enthusiasm for sports throughout his high school career is what landed him the position as a team manager for Eastview Lightning Varsity Football team.

Instead of attending Independent School District 196’s center-based program for students with disabilities, Tyler enrolled at Eastview High School.  In 2009, he was the first student with a developmental disability to graduate through the school’s mainstream curriculum.  Pictures of him still hang in the hallways of Eastview in team photos, banners and on the Students of the Year wall.  Tyler’s connection with the school and previous team manager experience were major factors in him being hired as a team manager.  His first paid job has proven to be tough but rewarding work. He says, “It’s really fun for me.  Getting this job is a great moment in my life.” Tyler gets to do what he loves, and the team gets a great team manager.

Tyler with the football team

Tyler rocks his school spirit as the team manager at his former high school (he’s the guy in the white)

Tyler finished his second week as team manager of EVHS Varsity Football team by getting the players and coaches excited for the season.  His experience, passion for game and the welfare of others shows. Whether it be setting up the Air Cam, filling water bottles, greeting referees or giving a pat on the back to a struggling player, Tyler is there for his team. After football season ends, he will help with other sports and events as well, including basketball and hockey and leading school pep fests.  Matt Percival explains, “Tyler loves his job, but having him here, Eastview Athletics is getting the better end of the bargain.”  The coaching staff couldn’t agree more!


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