Internship: Networking and Making Connections

Andraya They say it’s all about who you know.   Andraya, our summer intern from Metropolitan State University, is learning just that.   Her passion to help people began as a child volunteering with Special Olympics and then as a coach for Special Olympics in bocce and swimming. This passion continued to grow when her mentor from the Woodbury YMCA approached her to teach classes.  Andraya saw her students try and succeed at those programs.  

Over a year ago, Andraya learned about Community Involvement Programs (CIP) from someone who is supported by CIP, and began networking.  She scheduled informational meetings and agency interviews, learning as much information about the organization as she could.  In the spring of 2013, she came back to interview with one of CIP’s Employment Managers, Cassy Davis, for the possibility of being considered for an internship.  At that point, CIP’s Employment Services was the clear winner with regard to the places where Andraya wanted to complete her undergraduate internship!  

After Andraya landed the internship with Employment Services, she quickly submerged herself in learning the ins and outs of being an Employment Consultant. “My goal for the summer,” explains Andraya, “Is find one person a job, discover their talents, set up informational interviews and learn about the community of Eden Prairie.”  In a lot of ways, Andraya’s experience is similar to that of the people we support.  It all starts with discovering a passion, making personal connections with people in your community, and showcasing your talents. CIP’s Employment Team has truly enjoyed getting to know Andraya and having her as a part of our team this summer!


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