Discovering Inner Glamour

Megan embarked on a job search a year ago with her Employment Consultant, Emily. In the early stages of their work together, they had informational meetings all over, from wedding shops to modeling agencies, from nursing homes to daycare centers. During the initial phases of discovery, Emily had also learned that Megan loved America’s Next Top Model, anything to do with dancing, and that she also loves helping others, a skill that was easily verified by observing her interactions with others receiving services from CIP at a variety of activities during the days when she and her Employment Consultant were not otherwise engaged.

During this process, Megan had the opportunity to be a part of a community engagement team at a Lyngblomsten senior residential community one day per week. This opportunity was developed by utilizing Megan’s social capital, tapping into a connection at Lyngblomsten that she had developed while she was in school. Once Megan got her foot in the door, she was offered the opportunity to help out during resident activities, where her panache for helping other could shine…AND she could have a little fun! On top of that, because the Lyngblomsten’s campus was close to her home, Megan had the added bonus of being able to share her talents within her own community.

Megan Ch-Glamour Shots 2While Lyngblomsten provided Megan with a great opportunity to be involved in her neighborhood, she was still holding out hope for a paid position that fit with her themes of modeling, fashion, and photography. While exploring a variety of local photographers in the area, the two women were talking about Glamour Shots–a chain of head shot and photography studios focused on creating keepsake photos for families and gifts. Megan and Emily decided to make an appointment at the Glamour Shots shop in the Mall of America, and found that Megan clicked immediately with the store manager, Kim. Two days after their informational meeting, Megan was invited back for a working interview, where they discovered that she had a real knack for helping customers with posing, and that she really enjoyed watching and learning from the photographers and stylists.

Kim knew that having Megan on board would help them with their summer promotions and that she could provide support around the store through their busy season. It turned out to be a great opportunity! Megan found that using a checklist throughout her shift helped her to keep track of time and kept her focused when things got a little slow. And, sometimes, she got to try her hand at modeling (wearing boas or using other props) while handing out flyers in front of the store…which made her job even more fun! Plus, she really loved working in the Mall of America and enjoyed her co-workers and the neighboring vendors. This job has been such a good fit for her in so many ways, and after five great months at Glamour Shots, Megan is looking forward to the opportunity to rejoin her team after they reopen their store at a new location soon!



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