There’s More to This Job than Just Making Bread and Earning Dough…

Mike at Panera Bread-Edina

After 3 years, the GM at Panera Bread-Edina raves about his service to their customers

It isn’t every day that you hear an employer gush so much over one of their employees as was witnessed at Mike’s most recent review.  Mike has been a valued team member at the Edina Panera Bread (3345 Hazelton Road, Edina, MN) for almost 3 years now.  He currently works in the dining room busing tables, refilling coffees and teas, helping customers, and going out of his way to make the dining experience pleasant for customers of this Edina eating establishment. But for Mike, working at Panera Bread is about a lot more than just earning a paycheck: Mike consistently goes above and beyond what is needed–or even expected of him–in his position.  He looks for opportunities to assist his customers by carrying their food, clearing their tables, and initiating pleasant and friendly conversations to customers.  Mike has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the restaurant’s team by providing a level of customer service that ensures customers will return again and again! Mike makes such an impression on his customers that when he is not working, multiple customers will ask the staff and managers where he is.  According to his manager, Mike also receives more positive feedback on customer comment cards than any other employees at the restaurant other than the cashiers.

The General Manager of the Edina cafe shared with Rae, Mike’s Employment Consultant, that if Mike is ever sick or can’t make it to work, the entire team feels his absence.  She said that they absolutely depend on him and he is a vital member of their team.  Here are a few quotes from Mike’s most recent performance review (shared with permission from Mike, of course): “I wish everyone had the same willingness to help out as Mike does.  He is a role model for team work.  When working in the dining room, he does a good job in creating a warm and inviting environment.  Mike is reliable, hardworking, and the entire team values all that he does every day.”  In addition, Mike’s supervisor went on to say, “Mike is a favorite in the dining room.  Customers are always asking where he is when he is not there.  He is missed on his day off.  Mike has done an excellent job building relationships with the customers.  He also is excellent at thanking customers as they are leaving.  He is great!”
We are so proud of Mike’s ongoing success at Panera Bread! He is an example to us all of true professionalism, commitment, and taking pride in going above and beyond basic expectations.  We look forward to seeing what the future holds and supporting Mike as he moves up at Panera Bread and continues to be successful!

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