From Valet to a Barber’s Chair… A Story of Career Transition

Colin & Tim after his haircut

Colin shows off his skills on Tim, his Employment Consultant, at Dick’s Sports Barbers

We’d like to introduce you to Colin and share his story of making a transition from one industry to another… The majority of Colin’s previous work experience had been in the restaurant industry. So when he decided to enroll at Moler Barber School in Minneapolis last September, he was really hoping to immerse himself in a new field in which he had always been interested.  After nearly a year of full-time training while working as a valet driver at Tradition Valet on evenings and weekends, Colin completed the course in May, becoming a fully qualified barber!

With the help of some community networking while still in barber school, Colin was able to make a connection with the owner of Dick’s Sports Barbers in Edina. They recognized Colin’s enthusiasm and he was offered a seat in their shop, which was waiting for him as soon as he finished with school.  He is now one month into his new professional career, working full time at a very busy barber shop in his own neighborhood.  Colin says that with each head of hair that he cuts, he gains even more confidence as a barber. Colin’s story is another great example that employment dreams can come true with hard work, dedication, and the support of a community!

Colin’s Employment Consultant, Tim Swenson, provided support and consultation through the varied twists and turns of Colin’s journey, and was one of Colin’s first customers at Dick’s Barbers!


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