Morgan Shines at Simply Jane Studios

Morgan is right at home at the studio

Morgan is right at home at the studio

Morgan’s extensive resume and experience working with kids speaks for itself: an inclusion specialist for the YMCA, a camp counselor assistant for the YMCA, a paraprofessional in more than four elementary school environments, after school volunteer and a few volunteer opportunities working aside kids with autism. Anybody close to Morgan will tell you that every opportunity he’s taken on has had a positive impact on his growth as an individual in the workforce. Moreover, Morgan has high standards for both himself and the individuals that he supports on the job, which has served to open him up to some pretty amazing opportunities in the community.

You are what you paint reads the colorful sign

Most recently, Morgan has found the perfect community setting for him to share his experience gained by providing support, education, and promoting inclusion in the lives of young people. Morgan has found a home, and the next chapter in his diverse career path at Simply Jane Studios in South Minneapolis. Jane’s open art studio provides inclusive, therapeutic open-art services to a diverse range of people, including many individuals with a range of disabilities. Upon meeting Morgan and learning about his experiences working one-on-one with individuals with autism and other forms of disability, an immediate connection was made, and Jane quickly carved out a customized paid position for Morgan. As a studio assistant, Morgan guides customers through the process of making a painting “pop” and to ensure that the flow of the studio runs smoothly for each artist. Jane is a large advocate for creating an optimal therapeutic experience for individuals, and Morgan owns the ability to help create that environment for people!


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