When Searching for the “Right Job”: Patience Pays off

For Raashedia, having a job has always been somewhat of a compromise. Though she always wanted to work with kids, she found herself able to land only a series of retail jobs. Since working with one of our employment specialists to get her Personal Care Attendant certificate (PCA), she has steadily moved closer to where the career she always dreamed of.

Initially, she began working as a PCA for her grandma and aunt, but the experience wasn’t the same as if she were working with a client who was not a relative. Raashedia and her Employment Consultant Rae then began a search for for PCA jobs outside of the family, which was not terribly successful due to Raashedia’s lack of experience with complicated physical aspects of the job. Together they did find one PCA opportunity that Raashedia was qualified for, but disappointingly, there were no hours available,

So then it was back to the drawing board, but fortunately Rae had a lead on an opportunity at Sunrise Golden Valley.  It was a position that required less experience than many of the other PCA opportunities, because they were willing to provide all the necessary training.  In securing this employment opportunity,  Raashedia has also overcome some barriers to work, such as transportation limitations, by coordinating ride sharing with some of her new co-workers. Having worked as a Care Manager at Sunrise herself, Rae describes this role as a very difficult job, but for Raashedia, she finds it’s really easy. Not only does she provide great care to the residents at Sunrise, but she finds the work satisfying, and she get’s along great with her co-workers!

A typical day for Raashedia starts at  6:00 am. She helps residents shower, get dressed, and attend to personal hygiene. Once she gets all of her clients ready, she then serves breakfast, coordinates daily activities, and helps with higher need residents. Rae says of Raashedia’s new gig, “it’s a good fit because she’s challenged, and there are high expectations that she is meeting, and she gets to use her skills as a caregiver!” Now Raashedia is making $10.75 an hour doing a job that she finds rewarding and that will eventually lead to even better jobs in the future, one where she will continue to learn, grow and hopefully one day to realize her dream of working with children.


Looking for more stories about how customized employment has helped change lives? Please explore our Success Stories page, where you can read about how people like Mohammed have overcome challenges to find meaningful, engaging employment opportunities!


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