November Update: News, Pancakes and “A New Vision in Action”

We are pleased to present the first edition of our newly revamped newsletter that accompanies this blog. Please take a few minutes to peruse what we’ve been up to recently here at the Employment and Community Services branch of Community Involvement Programs. CIP Employment Services November Newsletter

Speaking of things going on, we’re extremely excited for the upcoming Arc Minnesota Statewide Conference, which begin’s this Friday: “A New Vision in Action.” We are looking forward to the keynote speakers, including Anne Barry, Deputy Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services, speaking about the department’s vision of self- advocates and families having greater control over the funding they receive for services. This is a HUGE topic on the minds of many as budget cuts and reductions in services become the norm.

Following Friday’s keynote, there are some really forward-thinking, and motivational breakout sessions, one of which, we are presenting. Having recently achieved our highest employment rate in over a decade of providing community-based employment services, Employment Managers Cassy Davis and Melissa Rosewell, are primed to share our insights and vision on the topic: “Blazing the Trail for Competitive Jobs: Self-Advocates and Support Professionals Show How it’s Done.” Melissa and Cassie will share the podium with Sam and Meghan, two exemplary self-advocates we have had the honor of working with here at CIP. If you are attending the conference as a professional, advocate or self-advocate, this session is not to be missed. If you are unable to attend, we will have a full recap of the conference here on the blog during the following week, so be sure to check back to catch all of the engaging dialogue.

In addition to the Arc Conference, we are holding our 4th annual Family Circle Pancake Breakfast this Saturday at our office in Northeast Minneapolis. The breakfast is a chance for family, friends, and CIP staff  to sit down with some tasty food to share stories, suggestions and reflections about the work we do and other topics that touch the lives of the individuals we work with.


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  1. A busy and exciting week for our Employment Team! Thank you and congrats to the great team of managers who made all of these things happen! 🙂

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