Computer Skills & You!

Many of us often take for granted the ability to navigate a computer and/or the internet with ease. For many, these skills are often just out of reach, either because of a lack of access to the technology, or because using the technology can be daunting and overwhelming. In an attempt to break down the digital divide, The Minnesota Literary Council in connection with the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program or BTOP is offering free basic computer skills classes and an open lab at the St. Paul Workforce Center.

To take part, you must first attend an introductory class that is featured every Monday morning at 8:30. Once you attend that first Monday class you will be eligible to attend the open lab and put your skills to work with the support of the tutors on hand every Tuesday-Friday from 8:30-noon. With all the employment opportunities and resources that exist primarily online, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this training, and gain the skills to connect with opportunities and advocate for your success in all areas of your life. If you or know someone you know could benefit from this training, head to www.the to learn more or call the Workforce Center at 651.642.0363

Flyer for Basic Computer Skills Class


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