Sam and Upstream Arts: Self-Advocacy Through Creativity

Sam stands proudly in front of the entrance to his employer, Bread & PickleIt’s not every day we have so many things to celebrate in the world of customized employment, and Sam is no ordinary success story.  Let’s begin with Sam’s most recent accomplishment—an internship he was offered at an organization called Upstream Arts based in South Minneapolis. At Upstream, Sam has the opportunity to use his interest for the theatrics and arts to help others with disabilities enhance their social and communicative skills. Sam has always been an advocate, not only for himself, but also for other people who have disabilities.

Upstream Arts is thrilled to have Sam on their Apprentice Team, where he will assist in leading classes and workshops with a focus on visual and performing arts. Sam teaches, guides and mentors other young adults in helping to fulfill Upstream Arts’ mission to enhance the lives of adults and youth with disabilities by fostering creative communication and social independence through the power of arts education.

In Sam’s time away from his new internship, he is enjoying success as an employee of the Lake Harriet Bread & Pickle. Overseeing the dining area and providing outstanding customer service has made him a great fit at this locally-owned lakeside eatery. Here at CIP’s Employment Team, we are all very motivated by the work Sam is doing and can’t wait to see all the people who he continues to inspire as he touches the lives of many in his work as role model, artist and dedicated employee.


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  1. Jolene · · Reply

    Congrats to Sam for these cool accomplishments! 🙂

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