Summer Jobs Don’t Get Much Better Than This

Maggie greets pool visitors with a warm smile and friendly conversation

Photo by Kelly Daniels

Isn’t it great when everything just fits together perfectly? We think so, and that’s why we can’t wait to formally congratulate Maggie on landing her new job as a Pool Attendant at the Highland Park Aquatic Center. According to her Employment Consultant, Kelly Daniels, Maggie is extremely outgoing and a total people person. When they are together, Kelly says they can’t go anywhere in Highland Park without Maggie seeing someone she knows. Maggie has an excellent memory for details about people and is very involved in her neighborhood, the Highland Park community, and participates in a number of sports, clubs, and social events.

When Kelly and Maggie began the job-finding process, there were a few criteria that Maggie had for her new summer job, mainly, she wanted to fuse her interest in being social with her knack for data entry, while working close to home. It didn’t take too long, and together Kelly helped Maggie land a totally rad summer job through the City of St. Paul Youth Job Corps program. YJC employs people ages 15-21 in a variety of city jobs in order to give them exposure to the working world and make connections. Since Maggie just graduated from Transition School in June, she was eligible for the program.

One of Maggie’s main responsibilities is to man the membership check-in table- Greet members, record their ID numbers, provide the proper wristbands, and answer any questions that arise. This position meshes Maggie’s social prowess with her data entry/recording skills.On top of being a great fit for Maggie’s social skillset and proclivity for data entry, Maggie lives less than a mile from the pool. Not only is it very easy for her to travel to and from work, many of the people she sees at the pool are friends, neighbors, former teachers, etc. Maggie’s duties vary from day to day, but her primary responsibility is to man the membership table (see above). She also does deck, bathroom, and parking lot sweeps to see what needs to be cleaned in order to provide pool guests with the best experience possible.

Prior to landing her job through Youth Corps, Maggie interned for the City of St. Paul from October 2011-May 2012. Since her position at the pool is provided through the city, she hopes that her combined internship and job experience with the city will make her an experienced candidate for future city jobs in data entry. We wish Maggie all the best, and hope this job is a great fit that will help her continue on her career path in the field of city government and beyond.


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