The University of Minnesota Arboretum and Jessie: A perfect match

Jessie is an outgoing and energetic person who wanted a job both because she wanted some money to be able to do her own things (like seeing the Avengers movie), and also because she was getting tired of finding herself in the midst of what she describes as the drama that occasionally occurs in the Community Supports  Program. With the help of Employment Representative, Craig Chapman, Jessie was offered a position at the University of Minnesota Arboretum working in their Deli. The Deli Manager, Steve, was elated when he met Jessie, and was excited to get her going on the new position.

As Steve explained, the Deli was getting some complaints of dirty tables throughout the day, especially on the busy weekends. Since the Deli is similar to a cafeteria, in that customers pick up their food from behind a counter, pay at a register, eat in the dining room, then bus their own tables, many of the tables were left with crumbs, plates, and spills, that were often left unseen until the end of the lunch rush.  Steve was given orders to correct that, and gave Jessie that responsibility.

Jessie not only keeps a diligent eye on the cleanliness of the dining room, but she also is in charge of maintaining the bakery counter, and serving the pastries to customers who opt for dessert.  The pastries include muffins, cookies, daily pies, and apple dumplings. The pie and dumplings are often warmed up and served with whipped cream. Jessie quickly learned the process of serving these items, and says she is loving variation with the job. Her co-workers are hugely supportive of Jessie, and help her in any way possible, including hanging small signs up when the muffins change or when the pies shift in variety.

Jessie’s Employment Consultant, Emily, maintains regular check-ins with Jessie and Steve, and Steve continues to have high praise for Jessie: “She does everything we ask her to, and gets along great with the staff and customers.” Jessie works three or four days a week, with a rotating schedule week to week. Her shift is 4 ½ hours long, and whenever Emily makes it out to Chaska for a visit, she is always greeted with a smile and an enthusiastic wave from behind the bakery counter. As a perk of being Jessie’s Employment Consultant, Emily also has gotten to try every variety of muffin the Arboretum serves, and she continues to rave about how they are the best muffins she has ever eaten.” Congratulations to Jessie for holding down her first job, and keeping the Deli such a positive place to visit!


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