Griffin Hammis: Taking the guesswork out of customized employment

We are pleased to have the opportunity to share a wonderful resource for those seeking to expand their knowledge about customized employment.  What’s contained in this manual are tried and true methods from one of the leaders and pioneers in the field of customized employment, Griffin Hammis.  All we ask is that if you are interested in reading these materials that you respect the terms and conditions of use as determined by the generous individuals who are making it available to us:

“Griffin-Hammis Associates and it’s not-for-profit arm, The Center for Social Capital, compiled a number of our most requested informational articles on Customized Employment into a downloadable manual for use as handouts in training sessions…This readings manual is provided free for download. We do request that Trademarks and Copyrights be respected and maintained by asking permission first for use as training handouts or before posting on the internet. We certainly do recommend use of these materials for training and no permission is required if used for your agency’s in-service training program. If you need a version of this manual or individual articles as Word documents, and for more information, please contact Cary Griffin at”

That said, please follow this link to dig into this wonderful resource: Thought Sauce: Hot Ideas for Cool Employment.


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