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The University of Minnesota Arboretum and Jessie: A perfect match

Jessie is an outgoing and energetic person who wanted a job both because she wanted some money to be able to do her own things (like seeing the Avengers movie), and also because she was getting tired of finding herself in the midst of what she describes as the drama that occasionally occurs in the […]

BuySelf Realty gets a big boost from a stellar new administrative assistant

Riding to the interview, Kim was nervous. She hardly spoke a word to her employment Consultant but held her own and was excited for the chance to get to work in a realty office. After a multitude of interviews with no job offers, Kim was feeling ready to rock with high heels and a new […]

Griffin Hammis: Taking the guesswork out of customized employment

We are pleased to have the opportunity to share a wonderful resource for those seeking to expand their knowledge about customized employment.  What’s contained in this manual are tried and true methods from one of the leaders and pioneers in the field of customized employment, Griffin Hammis.  All we ask is that if you are interested […]

CIP Employment Team: Real Work. Real Wages

Our blog is back and better than ever.

The Employment and Community Supports Team at Community Involvement Programs is proud to present our brand new site dedicated to the work we are doing in the Twin Cities metro area. If you are not familiar with the organization, please take some time to explore the site and learn more about how we support inclusive […]

Transition Programs in Flux: An Exploration of the Pros and Cons of Traditional Transition Programs

A Recent Article in the Twin Cities Daily Planet  Explores the Challenges Facing Traditional Transition Programs We are incredibly excited to welcome one of the people featured in Alleen Brown’s article, Sam Hesla, to our program. In her article, “Life after high school: Challenges ahead for students with disabilities as they graduate from Minneapolis Public […]

The HopeFULL Company: Filling Bellies and Warming Hearts one Frozen pop at a Time

The HopeFULL Company is more than just two sisters with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for cooking whole foods.  It is a business grown from an innovative and benevolent business model, one that more closely resembles a nonprofit than a for-profit. The HopeFULL Company pushes the boundaries of innovation not only in the product […]