“Ubuntu: Helping Humanity”

CIP Employment Consultant Missy Dykstra heads out on the town with Cynthia, an individual supported by Community Involvement Programs.

Cynthia is an amazingly soulful person; she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet.  Cynthia is on a road that has taken her many different places.  She has worked in retail at TJ Maxx and Global Mama’s; and has been exploring several organizations in the twin cities looking for a job that connects to her African heritage roots.

One of the things that Cynthia has been doing has been connecting with the Black Story-tellers Group.  Black Story Tellers is a National organization that tells oral stories which send valuable messages to young and old alike.  Recently, Cynthia won tickets to “Still Black, Still Proud: a Tribute to James Brown”.  Cynthia was delighted to win tickets and decided that she wanted to bring a friend of hers from Transitional school.  So, the three of us went together.  The show was very moving, the undertone of the show was for people to embrace who they are and to appreciate what they stand for….the band leader reiterated to the audience “it does not matter what color you are, what you look like; be who you are and be appreciative of who you are. In a world of superficiality, that was beautiful to hear.

Vusi Mahlasela shared the word ubuntu, which means ‘helping humanity’; his vision is to see much more ubuntu happening throughout the Western world.  I thought I would share this ideology and hope that it passes along.  After reading this blog, try doing something ubuntu: something extra to help humanity, shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk, offer to volunteer at a local food shelf during the holidays, or maybe help someone affiliated with Community Involvement Programs find a job, you will not regret it.  Looking after one another should be everyone’s bottom line.

Cynthia had a wonderful time at this event and even danced when the music moved her.  Cynthia is the type of person that you have to get to know before she will gladly share information with, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Cynthia and enjoyed being able to also be able to spend the evening listening to music.

Thank you, Cynthia for allowing me to join you and Latasha for this wonderful evening.


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